First, let me explain what Vatican City is about. It is, and always has been, about free speech. I will NEVER fold to this liberal douchebag movement online where you can’t speak your mind. I simply cannot fathom playing a game where you can throw a jar of piss at someone but not call their mother a cunt. It doesn’t make any sense. That being said, I do not encourage dirty or racist language simply for shock value. If you plan to call me a “faggot” at least make it funny. Now on to the history lesson…

Back around 1999, not long after Counter-Strike came out, I found myself playing on this CS 1.3 server where I met a some cool people. After becoming a regular there for a while I started to get annoyed by the goofy bible beating rednecks that frequented the place, and the stupid language rules. Some guys created a clan named “Priesthood” to mock them, and not long after I was invited to the clan. Fast forward a little while and we found ourselves wanting our own server. They had a little private server for those of us that lived on campus at UF, fittingly named Vatican City. Unfortunately, UF’s firewall wouldn’t allow for the server to be public so I decided to rent one.

It was a little bit slow going at first, but it wasn’t very long before the server was getting popular. We opened a second server and filled it too. There was a long stretch of time where our first CS server was the #1 in the country and the second wasn’t too far behind. This went on until around 2005-2006 when I got into WoW and let my admins run things, which they were terrible at. The servers went down not long after.

Around 2012 I got the itch to run a server again and went with TF2 this time. As much as I love original CS, I am not a fan of CS:S and CS:GO can fuck right off. And here we are. As I write this, all 18 of my TF2 servers are full to nearly full.

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